One of the cooler projects we've worked on! Out of Italy, CSSMA Space helps the smallsat community jump through regulatory hoops.

New brand
Web Design & Development

At White Mountain Solutions, we had the privilege of partnering with CSSMA Space to design and develop a comprehensive website that serves as the nucleus of the global smallsat community. CSSMA Space is dedicated to creating coordinated and transparent spectrum coordination processes while fostering meaningful interactions among commercial smallsat operators and regulators worldwide.

🌐 Connecting the Global SmallSat Community: Our team crafted a user-friendly website that acts as a central hub, bringing together smallsat operators and regulators from all corners of the globe. Through this platform, CSSMA Space members can engage in working groups, pre-coordination meetings, and other collaborative events, fostering knowledge exchange and forging connections on an international scale.

🔒 Customized Login System: To cater to the diverse membership tiers within CSSMA Space, we implemented a secure and dynamic login system. This system grants tiered access to specific resources and information, ensuring that each member enjoys a personalized experience tailored to their needs and membership level.

📅 Streamlined Event Management: CSSMA Space's events play a pivotal role in nurturing collaboration and progress within the smallsat community. With our intuitive event management system, members can seamlessly register for pre-coordination meetings and other initiatives, maximizing engagement and participation.

Through this transformative partnership, we enabled CSSMA Space to amplify its mission and impact. The website not only showcases CSSMA Space's global reach but also underscores its commitment to fostering effective spectrum management practices and advocacy within the smallsat community.

At White Mountain Solutions, we are honored to support CSSMA Space's vision with cutting-edge web solutions that facilitate knowledge sharing, meaningful interactions, and growth within the world of smallsat communications. Together, we continue to empower the smallsat industry and drive progress for a connected and innovative future.